Qigong & Pilates classes
Private sessions
Scenar Theray


  • Casual/drop in class : $18
  • 4 class valid 3 months : $62
  • 10 class valid 6 months : $132.50
  • If you use 10 class weekly, you will earn a discount for the next 10 class : $115

Private session

  • 1 to 1 Qi Healing or Private session : $75
  • 1 to 1 Introductory class/assessment (Qigong or Pilates) : $40

Private or semi private sessions lasting about an hour for learning the basic positions and moves... Very useful if you are a beginner and wants to join a class.

  • Concession of 10 privates: $700
  • Small group bookings : $75  train exclusively with your people.

Scenar Therapy : pain & stress relief

  • $40 / 30 min
  • $75 / 1 hours

Account number QIGONG - PILATES ONLINE- SCENAR therapy
Marie-Laure DARRICARRERE: WESTPAC 03-0498-0053045-002
Account number PILATES Mat classes AT THE STUDIO
Sarah PRATT : BNZ 02-0492-0149054-000


What to bring? How to dress?

Classes start at the time indicated, come in early enough to give yourself a few minutes to sort out what you need: change into clothes, ask questions, get a class card, most important relax onto a mat.
Mats, cushions, provided, please bring a towel and water if needed.
If the previous class has not yet finished, please either use the waiting room, or enter quietly and take a seat.
Wear comfortable sports wear, not too baggy for Pilates, socks or bare feet.
Cosmetics : Please avoid wearing sunscreens, parfum, body lotions, and make-up on the mats, or bring/request a towel :-)