How to realize yourself?

By improving and unifying your body, Qi and mind.
Find your inner life force
Whaia te ihirangaranga.
Unleash your unique abilities, see yourself and the world with new eyes, rediscover who you really are and develop your health and unlimited potential.

Cultivate Trust, Openess, Love, Gratitude, Humility and Respect.

In a safe and friendly environment, come to a Pilates, a Qigong class or/and try a Qi healing session, a Scenar therapy.
Everyone is welcome

Marie-Laure : Qigong Master - Fitness and Pilates Instructor


QIGONG is traditionally viewed as a practice to cultivate and balance Qi (chi), translated as "life energy" and it has its roots in Chinese Medicine and philosophy. Moving and still meditation using mind, body, energy to heal, to cultivate & improve life, Qigong reduces stress and promotes amongst others : restorative sleep, easier digestion, greater flexibility, and increased energy levels in the body.
It also helps us understand the thought patterns that can trigger illness and negative emotional states.
Yuan Gong is a new Qigong system adapted to our needs in this modern age ; easy to learn and practice.
QI HEALING is about using the consciousness to activate energy and information for the purpose of changing and normalizing the unhealthy condition of the Qi and/or the consciousness.
Because the consciousness and Qi are at the root of many health problems, it can be a very effective way of healing. Often the effects will show within a relatively short period.
By changing the amount, flow and quality of Qi it facilitates the body’s self-healing ability.
Because consciousness and Qi are the root level of health problems, Qi healing can help deal with many different types of conditions: chronic diseases, acute conditions, damaged organs, symptoms of unknown causes, contagious diseases, abnormalities of chemical changes in the body, injuries and illnesses having prenatal causes. Non-physical problems can also be dealt with including problems on psychological, personality, mental and consciousness levels.
Suitable for all, no risk or negative effects.
Does not replace medical advice and treatment

Remote therapy available on request (skype, whatsapp..)


PILATES is the practice of controlled exercises, engaging the mind and the body. Used to improve general fitness and wellbeing, Pilates focuses on : balance, flexibility, strength and breathing. It makes Pilates an excellent technique for whole-body fitness, as well a foundation for cross training with other kinds of sports and exercice.
Polestar pilates is an evolved Pilates method, Pilates and Feldenkrais, integrating the original exercises with a contemporary understanding of movement science, health and fitness training.
You can practise regardless of your age or your current level of fitness.
" In 10 sessions you'll FEEL the difference, in 20 sessions you'll SEE the difference, and in 30 sessions, you'll HAVE A DIFFERENT BODY." Joseph Pilates

Pain & stress relief

The SCENAR is a hand held medical device,
to help the body to re-activate its self-regulatory mechanism which was pushed out of balance by an accident or disease.
It has several effect, amongst others :

  • Therapeutic and revitalizing effect
  • Anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling action
  • Gentle, non-invasive
  • Faster & better healing
  • Improvement of blood circulation

I have been helping numerous people with all kinds of conditions : stiff neck, joints issues, sinusitis, sprains, fatigue, depression....

Marie-Laure makes you feel welcome and at ease. She knows her stuff and makes classes fun. I have been doing Pilates for 3 years and highly recommend it - gentle exercises strengthening the core and relaxing at the same time.

christine Z, Whangarei

Yuan Gong is a powerful tool for health, physical, emotional and mental health.

It helped me so much when my child passed away to keep trust on life and love.

Yuan Gong is more than physical health, it helps you for a healthy life.

I feel gratitude to Marie-Laure for transmitting me Ren Xue and Yuan Gong.